Drift Concept Art

When Season 5 in Fortnite dropped, The skins that came out inspired me to draw even more and make my own concepts, as there are different styles and upgrades that can be applied to your character. Drift has 6 stages currently, so I thought of making a 7th. I thought the mask could drop to cover his eyes, but still have the same pattern on the hoodie as on the mask. The hoodie would spring up when he jumps, revealing his identity. His ears would become furry like a cat to intimidate others. The Japanese symbol on his lower pocket was non-existent until I added them. It is filled with an electrified liquid, which powers the axe, and becomes more energetic and furious when you eliminate opponents. At Drift stage 7, you will unlock the pickaxe as a back bling, and can be used with another pickaxe, as it appears as the one you applied. In addition to that, when you switch to the pickaxe in game, you take it off your back, and use it as normal.

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